Welcome to ESS Python Tools’s documentation!

Current release: 2.14.1

This is the automatic documentation of the ESS Python tools developed by the beam physics group.

The sources can be found on GitLab.

ESS Beam Physics Python Tools

This project provides useful Python tools for executing TraceWin, and reading/writing TraceWin data files.

The files are written primarily for usage at European Spallation Source, but might be useful elsewhere.

You are free to use this code, but no warranty whatsoever is given.


If you want to install this on the ESS Jupyter server or similar ESS configured computer, then run

pip install ess-python-tools -U

If you wish to use our artifactory server then you can add https://artifactory.esss.lu.se/artifactory/api/pypi/pypi-virtual/simple as your index-url or as extra-index-url in your pip.conf.

To install/ upgrade the package, run the command below. It is assumed that you have git and pip installed on your system.

pip install git+https://gitlab.esss.lu.se/ess-bp/ess-python-tools.git -U

The argument -U implies you should upgrade if you have already installed this package but a newer exist.


Development is done directly to the master branch for now, without much in terms of official approval. Try to use your powers wisely (and no worries, sometimes it breaks and we fix it).

Tags are automatically pushed to our internal artifactory server, so users can install pre-compiled binaries using pip.

It is recommended that you set up a couple of git hooks to avoid test failures. Set pre-commit run as the pre-commit hook, and python tests.py as your pre-push hook. If you do not know how to set up hooks, ask Yngve.


Please see the Online Documentation.


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Documentation last updated: Feb 14, 2022